Carolyn Bower


I find inspiration in many different areas and that has led me to write about a wide range of topics. My music articles have been published
in Boomer Magazine and GO Magazine(New York City). I've also written opinion/humor/inspirational pieces that have appeared in
Suddenly Senior and in MIdwest publications.

Currently working on articles about music, education concerns and animal welfare issues, along with one or two humor essays.

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United States of America


Professional Experience/Background


Boomer Magazine

Remembering 1968: The Music of 50 Years Ago! |

These were the sights and sounds of 50 years ago - 1968. Music was changing and diversity was ever present. Do you remember these Billboard hits?

GO Magazine( NYC)

Reflections on Lesley Gore: More Than A Pop Star

When Lesley Gore passed away in February, headlines around the world read that the "It's My Party" singer had died. That number one smash from


Suddenly Senior

10 Signs You're a "Dinosaur" in a High-Tech World - Suddenly Senior

"From a distant era" is a phrase used to describe a dinosaur. You may be one; if these signs fit you to a T! Senior Employment: Dinosaur for Hire 1. You have no clue what...

News Journal Mansfield, OH

Books stack up to fine hobby

I hand over the money. I clutch the package tightly and hurry on my way home. Another one to add to my obsession - to add

News Journal Mansfield OH

'50's television suits her tastes just fine

I admit it, I am one of the TV generation - one who was born in the 1950's and grew up watching "Sky King", "Fury"


The Lutheran Digest, MN

A Friendship Lost?

All of us know that friendship is a two-way street, as expressed in the above two-lined excerpt for a poem by Lisa Bernat.